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"Every country has its own laws, every family has its own rules."

Regulations "Staying at the Bed & Breakfast Villa San Luca"

What is a Bed and Breakfast?
It is called bed and breakfast activity of casual character carried out by private individuals who use part of their residence to offer a family-run service of accommodation and breakfast (Article 1 and 5 Law July 16, 2007 No. 15).
You are always welcome to Villa San Luca, but there is a Regulation and advice that we invite you to observe, not only in compliance with current regulations, but also in compliance with the simple rules deriving from common sense and respectful communal coexistence.

Villa San Luca is a family-run property and therefore there is no 24-hour reception service. Our check-in is from 16.00 until 19.00.
It would be appreciated if you let us know your expected arrival time in advance.
Should problems arise during the trip, please notify the variation of the arrival time at the number indicated: Alessandro +39 340 3916891
Our check-out is at 10 a.m. of the departure day. It’s important to respect the timeframe in order to allow the cleaning process for other guest arrival. At the time of your arrival you will receive the room key, the entrance key and the gate remote control. In case of loss of keys or damage / loss of the remote control, you will be charged of extra fees.

The Guests upon arrival are required to show a valid identity document for registration in accordance with the current law dispositions. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a violation of the rules of the criminal code. All data of our guests will be processed exclusively for purposes related to the activity, in compliance with the obligations of confidentiality and security in accordance with current privacy legislation and will not be disseminated. It is not allowed to bring into the house friends, relatives or other people who do not stay in the Villa for reasons of public security, liability and insurance coverage, unless prior authorization from the management.


If you choose the room cleaning option every day, it must be vacated by 10.30 am In the respect of the environment and for a lower consumption of detergents, towels will be changed when necessary or upon request.
Towels are supplied for the bathroom and can not be taken out to the beach or pool where will be provided other kind of towels upon request. You are kindly requested to leave your room in order by keeping your private items inside the drawers, wardrobe or suitcases; otherwise the room can not be cleaned.

If for reasons of extraordinary maintenance or causes of force majeure, the reserved room should become unavailable, it will be our duty to find an adequate accommodation, or, at the request of the client, make the sum received as a deposit without further claims.

Breakfast will be served between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.
Customers subject to food allergies are required to notify in advance.

No extra beds
For the respect of tranquility guaranteed for all guests, children can not stay.

Pets are not allowed, both small and large.

The swimming pool will be open from May 15th to October 15th (weather conditions permitting).
The opening hours to the swimming pool is from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. It is not allowed to swim in the pool at night and during thunderstorms.
For hygienic reasons it is mandatory to use the shower before entering the pool and the use of sunbeds is allowed only after covering them with suitable towels.
Dives are not allowed as the insurance does not cover any injuries to guests due to diving.

The parking cars is reserved only for guests of the Villa San Luca. Parking is inside the property and is uncovered and unattended. The Management is not responsible for any damage or theft caused in the parking cars.

Smoking is not permitted inside the villa either in the rooms or in all the rooms available to guests. It is not allowed to light candles or use open flames. The observance of these rules stems from a provision of the law on fire prevention and the need to protect non-smokers.
It is possible to smoke in outdoor spaces by putting the ash and cigarettes finished in ashtrays and paying attention, especially in the event of wind, in order to avoid fires.

It is not allowed, for insurance and liability reasons, to connect to the electrical system any electrical appliance brought in tow (with the exception of the electric shaver and the hair dryer in the bathroom, mobile phone and personal computer in the rooms). The guest is obliged to compensate the damage caused by the improper use of the complementary equipment.
It is possible for guests to put in a fridge dedicated to them drinks or other groceries.

Any damage to the building, equipment and furniture will be charged to the damage manager at the cost of the restoration. Upon departure, the staff will check the rooms. The intentional damage will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.
The property of Villa San Luca declines all responsibility for loss, theft or damage of objects of your property left unattended in the rooms or common areas and for any damage to persons, or things to and from third parties also due to force events greater. Any damage must be reported immediately to the property manager.
The external parts of Villa San Luca are monitored for security by a camera system. The films are protected by privacy and can be viewed only for serious reasons and can not in any case be made public.
Villa San Luca has an antique and delicate decor.
Therefore, we urge you not to place objects (or clothes or towels) wet or even humid above the furniture because these would suffer damage that could hardly be remedied.
• In Villa San Luca we pay particular attention to the issues of energy saving, sustainability and environmental protection. For these reasons we ask our guests some attention in this regard; small "gestures" that can, together with those of many other people, become virtuous and useful behaviors to produce positive effects for the protection of the environmental heritage;
In particular we ask you: to turn off the lights by leaving the rooms; to avoid wasting water by remembering to close the taps and report any loss of water.
• We invite you to maintain a behavior that in any time of day (but especially in the night time hours ) and in any way, could not damage others people’s calm (do not shout, no beat doors or windows). Is not expected a schedule of reentry but we please you to maintain a good education and to respect the other guests.
• We invite you to always lock the external shutters of the rooms after opening because in case of wind they could be dangerous and cause damage to the front of the house.
• We remind you that the toilet tubs after use need a few minutes to fill.
• We recommend that you do not throw anything in the toilet that could obstruct the pipes.
• Each guest is required not to take away with him at the end of the stay: linen, blankets, towels from the rooms or other material present in the Villa San Luca (including common environments). Each object, furniture, decoration, painting are been cataloged and photographed by a court expert and the list has been filed.
Compliance with the regulation is a priority for our structure as we intend to offer you maximum comfort in relation to our offer; at the sole discretion of the management the failure to comply with even one of these clauses or conduct such as to create damage or disturbance will give us the right to interrupt your stay without notice.

Sure that this will never happen, we thank you for your attention and your preference.

Please note that signing this regulation entails the total acceptance.
We are looking forward to seeing you !

Villa San Luca 
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